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Artist wanted

Can anyone recommend a good online resource for a writer looking for an artist?

Unfortunately, it's a non-paying gig, at least at present. I'm after someone to illustrate a script I'm working on: currently the script's at 12 22-page issues (so I'm not expecting the whole lot illustrated in a weekend :) ) and still going.

:) May as well dry run the advert here, anyway:

What I'm after is someone who can draw in a pretty realistic style - crisp pen-and-ink like Brian Bolland or Enrique Romero - for a present-day story with a twist of magic. Lots of character interaction, not as much out-and-out action as a superhero comic - definitely needs a mature hand with character expressions and varying viewpoints - there are pages where it's two characters talking, and the same pair of talking heads for 6 panels won't cut it. What I most emphatically don't want is manga-style art (or someone who thinks mature means nudity :) ).

The people I've shown the scripts to, whose opinions I tend to respect, like it (in several cases are hooked, waiting for the next script to come out). Its target audience is probably not dissimilar to Strangers In Paradise. I'd love to get it published, but most of the publishers tend to go for artist+writer teams - obviously, if it was, we'd share the spoils.
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