Matt Hardwick (matthardwick) wrote in patatas,
Matt Hardwick

Howdy, folks-- just thought I'd say Hi and offer loads of ideas of things to add to the Interests:

"Hi", I say. Or type, actually.

Here are loads of ideas of things to add to the interests. (I'll post something later on why I dig comics and wanna write for 'em):

will eisner, sequential art, jules feiffer, moebius, garth ennis, goscisciny, tintin, art speigelman, b. kriegmann, the master race, alan moore, frank miller, grant morrison, karen berger, ted mckeever, ted rall, watchmen, the spirit, anime, akira, bande desinee, lucky luke, asterisk, e.c. segar, gasoline alley, e.c. comics, stan lee, jack kirby, road to perdition, chris claremont, work to hire, image, todd mcfarlane, top cow productions, trina robbins, cat ywronwode, pat mills, marshall law, slaine, skreemer, miracleman, marvelman, jerry siegel, joe schuster, miles laimling, rac shade, rak shade, mellu loron, kathy george, american scream, carlos esquierza, metal hurlant, heavy metal, the comics journal, jason lutes, gary groth, fantagraphics, los bros hernandez, r. crumb, paul gualcy, slash maraud, carl barks, ariel dorfman, house of mystery, how to read donald duck, golgo 13, blake et mortimer, cartoon propaganda from mao-era people's republic of china, mick anglo, tawny the tiger, dr. gargunza, dr. sinvana, whatever happened to the man of tomorrow, she done him wrong, crying freeman, sanctuary, eagle, jodrowsky, paul chadwick, concrete, trashman, david sim, cerebrus, from hell, bacchus, eddie campbell, grandizer, strangers in paradise, astroboy, leave it to chance, bitchy bitch, roberta gregory, harvey comics, rick veitch, king hell heroica, comics code "authority", frederic wertham, seduction of the innocent, matt groening, life is hell, work is hell, school is hell, love is hell, binky the rabbit, the simpsons, bongo comics, marvel comics, creators rights, zap comics, raw comics, maus, hate comics, peter bagge, underground comics, rogan gosh, indian comics, horacio altunna, golden age, silver age, stormwatch, authority, warren ellis, harvey pekar, joyce brabner, real war stories, weird war tales, our cancer year, american splendor, ghost world, hieroglyphics, aztec texts, tapestries

This seem like a good start?;-)

I should add here that some of those suggested interest words (especially work to hire, comics code authority and creators rights) have made me a bit apprehensive when it comes to getting into commix as a profession, but ya gotta take the good with the bad, I guess...

Outta curiousity moderator, what the heck is patatas? That the South American version of Bande Desinee or Anime?:-)
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